Hades for Untitled: Bespoke Motorcycles

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Untitled: Bespoke Motorcycles are a non-brand of Bike builders, who strip down old bikes to their basics and focus on engine rebuilds powerful enough to wake the dead! Darren explains his vision for the film, “My idea was to move away from the cliché montage of bike shots normally associated with motorbike brand films, due to the nature of the back to basics build for these bikes and create a narrative that treats the bike as a presence using the roar of the rebuilt bikes engine to tell a narrative of the bikers experience riding the bike and taking a shortcut through….Hell!” Shot in black and white with the Arri Alexa in South Bermondsey, London, the film re-invents the motorcycle brand film and has had fantastic reviews in Yatzer, 1.4, Hypebeast, and Vanishing Point

  • Title: Hades
  • Client: Untitled: Bespoke Motorcycles
  • Director: Darren Statman
  • DOP: Sam Care
  • Producers: Mark Lonsdale, Lucien Evans
  • Awards: Best Art Haus Short film at Portland Motorcycle Film Festival
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