“Tusk” – Music Video for 6 Day Riot

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Lee Bamsey, working with co-directors/ editors Steve Gurr and Martin Macdonald created a beautifully clever split-screen video for 6 Day Riot’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. The team set up a performance space in a disused sound studio in Soho with three Canon Eos 550D cameras arranged in the room plus two tiny Go Pros attached to the instruments. The 5 camera combination was re-arranged over the course of the shoot so that they were able to capture at least fifteen different setups.

Armed with a raft of fantastic rushes at incredible angles, Lee and the team used Final Cut Pro to sync and edit the takes. Then, they were able to design the layout, animation and VFX for the scenes using After Effects. Finally, they used Magic Bullet Looks for the colour grade. The resulting video calls for compulsive viewing to catch all the brilliant moments in the dynamic arrangement of the band’s performance.

The video is featured in Promo News. The video is also available on YouTube. For more about the band, visit their website.

  • Title: Tusk
  • Artist: 6 Day Riot
  • Publisher: Tantrum Records
  • Director Lee Bamsey
  • Additional Directors:Steve Gurr & Martin Macdonald
  • DOP: Nathan A Sheppard
  • Editors: Lee Bamsey, Martin Macdonald & Steve Gurr
  • Camera Operators: Alex Hare & Guillaume Glachant
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