Gender Machine

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Director/ Visual Artist, Miland Suman created Gender Machine as part of the Eastern Europe in Drag Exhibition hosted by Berlin HBC Arts Centre, located in the former Hungarian Cultural Centre near Alexanderplatz and Berliner Fernsehturm, the famous TV Tower. The exhibition explored the phenomenon of Eastern European Drag shows in relation to the LGBTI community and the social-political context of the post-communist countries- Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Cross dressing during the communist era was impossible due to ideological restrictions, so drag shows in Eastern Europe emerged in the 1990s after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and election of opposition parties in former Soviet satellite countries. The exhibition included photo and video installations, graphics, animation, and live performances including drag shows and DJ sets.

Miland’s playful clockwork depiction of society and culture is a graphical look at the nature of our interactions as humans. The work celebrates the perpetual nature of human existence through reproduction, the use of language to transmit ideas, and how we are all randomly assigned our gender. Following a successful reception in Berlin, the show toured arts festivals in the UK including the Site Festival of Contemporary Arts in Stroud, Goucester and the East in East: Euro 2012 Festival at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London.

  • Title: Gender Machine
  • Director/ Animator: Miland Suman
  • Exhibitions: HBC Arts Centre, Berlin; Site Festival of Contemporary Arts, Stroud Gloucester; Rich Mix East in East Festival
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