Big Bad Wolf TVC for Go Compare Directed by Richard Bazley

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Director Richard Bazley directed a seamless combination of live action and animation for UK comparison website Go Compare. Envisioned as an homage to the classic films, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Mary Poppins, the commercial promotes home insurance savings to the Three Little Pigs (and real life customers). The commercial is featured on the Go Compare website.

  • Title: Big Bad Wolf
  • Product: Go Compare
  • Director: Richard Bazley
  • Producer: Jules Pye
  • Producer: Serena Freeman
  • Creatives: Siân and Chris Wilkins
  • Head of Digital Ink and Paint: Jason Guest
  • Character Designer: Andrew Painter
  • Clean-up Artist: Veronique Langdon
  • Senior Animator: Eoin Clarke
  • 3D Animator: Martin Allan
  • Gio Compario: Wynne Evans
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