Full English- Animated TV Shows Directed by Richard Bazley

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Richard Bazley directed two episodes of Full English, an animated comedy series, which is definitely not for kids. Broadcast on Channel 4, the animated sitcom stars (the voice of) Richard Ayoade as the main character, Edgar Johnson and includes parodies of popular British entertainment personalities. Each frame was hand drawn and then scanned into a computer for further postproduction. Full English was originally created, produced and written by Harry and Jack Williams and animated by the team that produced Futurama. The series is available to watch on 4OD.

  • Title: Full English
  • Broadcaster: Channel 4
  • Creators: Jack Williams, Harry Williams, Alex Scarfe
  • Voices : Richard Ayoade, Rosie Cavaliero, Oliver Maltman, Daisy Haggard, Kayvan Novak
  • Director: Richard Bazley
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