Aberlour Voice-O-Graph

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Vukasin created a documentary-style brand film for Aberlour single malt whisky that illustrates their motto “made from experience”. Focusing on a special tasting event, which would be then repeated in other locations around the world, the film captures the experience of pairing the different expressions of Aberlour whisky with music.

The highlight of the tasting event was to give whisky fans the opportunity to pair Abelour A’bunadh with the creation of their own vinyl record, made in a restored 1940s voice-o-graph booth. Both the single cask whisky and the process of making a personalised, one-off recording are expressions of capturing a moment in time. Vukasin’s film invites viewers to share in that unique experience.

  • Client: Aberlour Whisky
  • Director: Vukasin Isailovic
  • Production: Albatros Creative
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