Scapa Single Malt Whisky – Launch Film

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Vukasin recently created the first ever brand film for Scapa, the artisanal Orkney Island whisky. Shot on location in the Orkney Isles with the Arria Alexa XT, the film brilliantly captures the wild atmosphere, dedicated craftsmanship and honored traditions that come together to create the unique tasting profile of the Scapa single malt.

Vukasin explains, “The leading theme was contrast. I wanted to represent the different aspects of the island through the shot selection, the music and variations in pace: harsh Islanders with gentle hearts, rough but beautiful landscapes, loud elements vs. peaceful distillery.”

To give it a distinctive look, the film uses cinematic framing and is shot with anamorphic lenses. This creates a subtle, smooth rendering that provides dimensionality and high contrast. The decision to exclude any voice over or dialogue is a deliberate one; using music to accompany the film enhances the visual impact of the striking landscape and inspiring characters.

  • Client: Scapa Whisky
  • Director: Vukasin Isailovic
  • Producers: Albatros Creative & Pernod Ricard
  • DOP: James Butler
  • 1st AD: Zak Harney
  • 1st AC: Sama Crawford
  • 2nd AC: Jay Coates
  • Make up Artist: Edie Flowers
  • Sound: Chris Gayne
  • Music: Quentin LaChapelle
  • Colourist: Kenny Gibb
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