Lee & Kim’s Adventure: Animal Magic- Flash Animation for Safer Internet Day

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Working in association with Straker Films, Loco created a short animated educational film. Commissioned by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre – the UK’s national centre for protecting children – the film was central to CEOP’s response to European Safer Internet Day on 9th February, as part of a group of initiatives launched by the organisation for children as young as five.

The 8 minute animation introduced Lee and Kim, a brother and sister navigating the online world with the help of their trusted superhero friend SID. With his super powers, SID showed them how to keep themselves safe while having fun online. Based around 4 simple tips and a song, the cartoon aimed to teach children how to protect themselves and others around them. As well as addressing grooming, the animation also focused on digital citizenship, highlighting the importance of treating each other well and behaving responsibly not only in the playground, but also online. This resource was delivered to school children across the UK.

Loco’s brilliant animator designed and created the characters and backgrounds in Flash. With the soundtrack pre-recorded, we were tasked with bringing the voices to life with a Manga-style animation, developed to achieve an international feel. Particular attention was given to the predatory adult to ensure that he was portrayed as ordinary, rather than a villainous character. Like the adult user who might pretend to be a child in his online profile, the adult was drawn to look like a child in the online world, but gradually his scale and movement revealed him to be an adult as the sense of danger increased. Fortunately, the children had SID to save the day!

Loco was very proud to have been involved in such an important campaign. Read more on the BBC News site. Visit the CEOP’s Thinkuknow website for more information on how the animation is being used in classrooms as well as find additional downloadable resources for teachers.

  • Client: CEOP
  • Agency: Straker Films
  • Product: Safer Internet Day
  • Title: Lee & Kim’s Adventure: Animal Magic
  • Production Company: Loco
  • Director: Loco-Create
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