Loco’s commercial for Kwik Fit and Ice Age 4

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Adam&eveDDB asked Loco to post-produce a 20-second commercial to advertise Kwik Fit’s winter tyre offers. The new commercial, on air now, ties in Kwik Fit’s offer of 25% off winter tyres with the DVD release of the movie, Ice Age 4. Under a tight deadline, Loco’s VFX team set to work rotoscoping existing movie scenes supplied by 20th Century Fox and creating matte paintings of new background plates that would house the Kwik Fit offers.

Says Creative Director, Dan Coster, “Although on the surface this commercial looks like a simple online of existing footage, in fact, each scene had a bit of VFX magic applied – from time-remapping, tracking, and replacing expression timings on the characters, through to full CGI builds of icebergs, icy water and even winter tyres in the toon-like render style of the film.”

Mirroring VFX techniques from the actual movie, Loco used RealFlow to create the CGI sea environment. At the start of the ad, the Kwik Fit offer is shown carved into a giant Iceberg, which cracks and a section breaks off to float on the CGI sea. As part of the development of the commercial, Loco’s VFX team worked with the agency creatives in the offline edit to create CGI snowy mountains with the offers carved into stone and rotoscoped the existing footage to seamlessly blend the foreground characters into the new mountain environments. The final treatment included vast billboards that were integrated into the existing movie imagery with matte paintings.

The ad, as part of Kwik Fit’s integrated campaign, has been featured in The Drum and Campaign.

  • Client: Kwik Fit
  • Agency: Adam&eveDDB
  • Agency Producer: Catherine Cullen
  • Agency Creative: Tom Chancellor
  • Post-production Creative Director: Dan Coster
  • VFX team:: Tony Lee, Lee Bamsey, Sasa McCartney, Dan Coster, Jon Davey
  • Online editor: Lee Bamsey
  • Sound: Clearcut Sound
  • +44 20 7304 4403   facebook Twitter vimeo linkedin