LV “Bench” Commercial

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Loco worked with production company Moon and agency Redtag on the commercial for LV’s 50 Plus plan. Beautifully shot on location in South Africa using Red, Loco provided online and VFX graphics, quality control for clearance submissions as well as mastering and delivery of station copies for broadcast and online distribution. Loco provided additional support through post-production coordination of audio sessions, and colourist Tom Balkwill completed the Baselight colour grade. LV “Bench” was the first of a series of projects that the team worked on, including commercials for LV-Asda and adaptations of earlier ads.

  • Client: LV
  • Agency: Redtag
  • Product: LV 50+ Plan
  • Title: Bench
  • Production Company: Moon
  • Director: Carl Prechezer
  • Online: Loco
  • Grade: Tom Balkwill – Dirty Looks
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