The Car People Commercial – Directed by David Schneider – Online and Grade by Loco

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Loco collaborated once again with production company Moon to produce David Schneider’s first directorial outing for the used car specialists, The Car People. Schneider – who has appeared in some of the most iconic British comedy produced in the last ten years including Alan Partridge, The Day Today and Friday Night Armistice – gave the advert a deft comic touch, transposing the management of car sales people into the world of sheep herding.

Loco’s Lee Bamsey provided the online and grade of the commercial shot on HD Cam, and, working with fellow editor Jon Davey, rotoscoped the sheepdog from one shot and placed it into another, to create a seamless environment. Loco also provided mastering services.

If you would like to see what other work we have done with Moon, click here, and for information about David Schneider and his work, visit his web page.

  • Client: Car People
  • Agency: Propaganda
  • Product:
  • Title: Sheep Dog Trials
  • Production Company: Moon
  • Director: David Schneider
  • Online, VFX & Grade: Lee Bamsey
  • Additional VFX: Jon Davey
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