My Dad the Communist – Short Film – Colour Grading

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My Dad The Communist is a short film written and directed by Lab Ky Mo. Running 17 minutes, it was shot on Red 200 by DOP Zac Nicholson. Tom Balkwill was the colourist. The film tells the story of Tony, a teenager whose ‘inscrutable’ CHINESE DAD has a near-death experience in a car crash. Tony yearns to break down the cultural barriers between him and his Dad before it’s too late.

The film has received great acclaim in the short film festival circuit:
London Short Film Festival 2010 – UK Film Council’s Digital Generation
One of ten shorts featured on the UK Film Council 2010 ‘Life is Short’ talent DVD.
Picked up by the British Council short film representation scheme
East End Film Festival 2010 – Nominated: Best Short Film. WINNER: Short Film Audience Award

  • Director: Lab Ky Mo
  • Production Company: B3 Media
  • Producer: Michael Berliner
  • Colourist: Tom Balkwill
  • +44 20 7304 4403   facebook Twitter vimeo linkedin