Screwed – Feature Film

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Screwed, the UK feature film that premiered in May 2011 is a semi-biographical story based on the experiences of former prison guard Ronnie Thompson who spent seven years working in some of the UK’s most dangerous prisons. Based on Thompson’s book of the same name, the project stars James D’Arcy (Master & Commander), Noel Clarke (Kidulthood), Frank Harper (The Football Factory), Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake), Andrew Shim (This Is England) and Kate Magowan (Stardust). The story revolves around former soldier Sam Norwood who takes a job as a prison officer when he returns from Iraq and becomes exposed to the underworld of prison culture – including corrupt guards and drug trafficking.

While Creativity Media provided full service post for the film, Tom Balkwill of Dirty Looks worked on the online editing and DI facility support. Loco contributed VFX expertise to extend the prison set. The team used Nuke to transform a green screen backdrop into a long wing of a prison hallway, complete with gantries, stairways, safety netting and railings in a complex, interconnected geometry. Our VFX artists also applied their talents to other seamless corrections, helping to complete the claustrophobic illusion of the prison cell.

Patrick Fischer, MD of Creativity Media was particularly impressed with the set extension work, “the result from you guys was nothing short of stellar, especially considering it was such a tricky shot.”

  • Director: Reg Traviss
  • DI Colourist: Adam Inglis
  • Online Editor: Tom Balkwill
  • Post Production Services: Creativity Media
  • DI Facility: Dirty Looks
  • Selected VFX: Loco
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